Change to Rec for the Fall 2020 Season

In order to meet expected Covid-19 requirements, we are making some changes this season. Please make sure to read below prior to registering.

  1. Divisions
    • Age groups will be determined after registration is over. Each child will register in their birth year. Birth years will be combined as necessary.
    • All age groups will be co-ed unless there are enough players and coaches to make separate gender divisions.
  2. Practices
    • Each team will have 1 practice per week (as opposed to 2 practices per week in the past). 
    • Practices will be 1.5 hours, instead of 1 hour.
  3. Special Requests
    • Coaches will have their child placed with them 
    • Siblings will be placed together when in the same age groups.
    • Siblings in different age groups are not guaranteed to have the same practice days. 
    • Coach requests are not guaranteed
    • Practice day requests are not guaranteed
  4. Refund Policy
    • If the season is cancelled prior to the 1st practice, the registration fee, minus $5 to cover credit card processing and administrative fees will be refunded.
    • If the season is cancelled after the first practice, but prior to the 1st game, the registration fee, minus $25 for the cost of the uniform and administrative fees, will be refunded.
    • If a player withdraws for any reason prior to the 1st game, a 50% refund will be given.
    • After the 1st game, no refunds will be given for any reason
  5. Covid-19
    • We will follow any guidelines required by government agencies and our governing bodies. 
    • Parents will be required to sign an infectious disease waiver acknowledging the risk of contracting Covid-19
    • By registering you also acknowlege that additional restrictions or changes to the season may be made in order to meet guidelines.
    • You acknowledge that your child will be required to miss practices and games if they have symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. 
  6. Head coach discounts
    • Head coaches will receive a free registration for their child
    • If you would like to be a head coach, you can register as a coach during your child's registration. If you are chosen as a head coach and you complete the season, you will be refunded the registration fee following the season.